From Chocolate Protein Waffles to Sparkling Energy Water

 - Nov 5, 2015
Chocolates, caramel squares, sparkling water and lemonade are items that most people gravitate to first and foremost for taste—with this in mind, many brands are now turning these crowd-pleasing foods and beverages into vitamin-rich products.

While many of these products are enriched with vitamins and minerals, flavor is still emphasized as the main selling feature, while health and wellness just seems to be included as a byproduct of enjoyment. This can be seen in products like the EyeBar and Esthechoc, which offer more palatable ways to manage ocular health and aging in place of pills.

In excess, beverages like coffee and alcohol can be responsible for harming the body, but AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee and Vitamin Vodka aim to reposition these indulgences as beneficial in small doses.