30 Minutes In the Sun Gives the Activeon Solar X 80 Percent of Power

 - Jan 10, 2016
References: geeky-gadgets & engadget
Get more recording time without limited battery life with the Activeon Solar X. This brand new action camera surpasses most designs as it is powered by the sun.

While mountable action cameras are useful and widely popular, almost all of them share a restricted battery life. These cameras will record continuously for a limited amount of time before users are forced to oscillate batteries. The Activeon Solar X is a 4K action camera unlike the aforementioned devices. This 2-inch touchscreen gadget offers WiFi support for transferring content to an iOS or Android device and comes with two hours of built in battery life.

The additional hours come from the X Station solar panels located atop the device. When left out in the sun, these panels will give the Activeon Solar X the added power users need.