This Structure Provides a Safe Place for Drones to Land

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: fosterandpartners & treehugger
Norman Foster recently unveiled designs for a unique structure that would offer a safe place for drones to land. Although the use of drones is becoming more widespread, there is still a lack of infrastructure designed to accommodate these devices. Foster aims to build a 'Droneport' that would make it easier to use these devices.

Foster argues that drones have the unique opportunity to transcend geographical barriers and provide vital services such as the delivery of medical supplies. In order to use drones for community projects, these devices need a safe place to land in densely packed areas. The Droneport provides a solution to this problem by offering a safe and convenient place for drones to land. Foster argues that this kind of structure would be particularly beneficial for African communities that lack traditional infrastructure such as roads and highways.

While the Droneport is currently just a concept, the idea does demonstrate the need for communities to adapt existing infrastructure to accommodate new technology.