Sonia Rentsch and Scott Newett Give Personality to Your Boring Plates

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: soniarentsch & mymodernmet
Art director Sonia Rentsch has cleverly dressed up dinnerware, turning something boring and plain into something worth admiring. Working with photographer Scott Newett, Rentsch has successfully personified plates. From the frills and bows of a server at a fancy restaurant to a simple white shirt and tie, the plates' outfits are adorable.

Rentsch uses everyday utensils, fabrics and a variety of plates and cups to stimulate the different kinds of outfits a server may wear. The fancier the plate and cup is, the more the overall piece alludes to a server in a higher-end restaurant. In the artist's eyes, a cup stands in for a hat some servers may wear and a fork, knife or spoon seamlessly becomes a tie.

The use of pleasing color schemes and shapes works to help define the intended clothing pieces. This is no longer just dinnerware, it is dinnerware all dressed up!