Milkadamia's Vegan-Friendly Buttery Spread Features Macadamia Nuts

 - Jan 31, 2019
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Various plant-based butter alternatives exist that are made with avocado, vegetable or palm oils but dairy-free milk brand Milkadamia is setting itself apart with a new option that is vegan-friendly, palm oil-free and made with macadamia nuts, making it one of the few companies to use the nuts in this way.

The Macadamia Buttery Spread uses macadamia nuts that are sourced from family-owned farms on the coast of Australia and Milkadamia favors environmentally friendly production processes based on regenerative farming.

With the rise of plant-based eating, many consumers are seeking out inventive butter alternatives that are healthy and in line with their values yet also just as spreadable as the traditional dairy products that they have become so familiar with.