Astronaut Snoopy Launches as Part of the Black Peanuts Collection

This black astronaut Snoopy comes as part of the Black Peanuts series by Special Product Design and Medicom Toy Company.

Snoopy has long been revered as one of pop culture’s iconic cartoon characters. He’s right up there with Mickey Mouse on most people’s lists and has continued to be one of the most recognizable characters from the Peanuts comics.

This new limited edition Astronaut Snoopy is made in a cooler-than-cool monochrome black and sells for approximately $73. This item is part of a larger release of Black Peanuts characters by SPD and Medicom.

The actual toy was made in a limited run and is only available at select stores during select dates before he blasts off into space for who knows how long. It is available at the Dover Street Market Ginza in Chuo-ku, Tokyo starting January 11th.