The MetLife Blimp's Instagram Page Details the Blimp's Adventures

While the MetLife blimp has been around for some time now, the insurance company has recently begun ramping up its social media efforts by giving the Snoopy-covered blimp its own Instagram page. With a growing number of Instagram users looking for beautiful landscape photography, the MetLife Blimp's Instagram page gives fans a unique perspective on some of America's most beautiful destinations.

The MetLife Blimp is an airship branded with MetLife's bright blue logo and the face of the popular Peanuts character Snoopy. The blimp is flown all over the US for tours and telecasts. The blimp is best known for providing aerial shots for CBS' coverage of the PGA Tour, as well as other sporting events. These shots and other landscape photos taken from the blimp can now be viewed by fans on a designated Instagram page, which has nearly 17,000 followers.

Instead of simply advertising from the sky, MetLife has cleverly made use of its blimp and the stunning photography taken from above to promote the brand's presence on social media.