The Junior Gaultier Couture is for Young Fashionable Divas

Your daughters will have expensive taste once they lay their eyes on the Junior Gaultier Couture Collection.

With inspiration from his adult collection, the Jean Paul Gaultier has decided to create a line of couture just for young girls. To launch the line, Gaultier showcased one silk and one tulle dress, and these little princess gowns definitely grab people's attention. While at first glance these dresses already look extremely stylish and perfect for a flower girl outfit, a closer look will reveal they take style to a whole new level as they're adorned with Swarovski crystals!

To show just how elite the dresses in the Junior Gaultier Couture line are, the designer is only making 90 of them in sizes for young girls aged four to 14. However, before you go buying your little girl the best of the best for her wardrobe, you should note that each dress is $1,200.