This Collection Uses Humor to Depict the Troubles Between the Sexes

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: waldemarkazak & demilked
Waldemar Von Kazak is a Russian artist who uses his work to represent his love for mid-20th century art and pinups while also incorporating a hidden message. Through his work, Kazak likes to explore more provocative and controversial themes, but does so in a humorous manner.

His latest collection fuses all of Kazak's interests and addresses issues like gender inequality, objectification and adultery through playful illustrations. The socially relevant depictions are interwoven within a series of cartoon-like illustrations to ensure that the entire tone of the collection remains cheery. Not all of the drawings have a hidden message, but it is up to the viewer to remain critical and read between the lines.

Kazak also uses suggestive exaggerations of female body parts as a criticism of our culture's overall treatment of women. Metaphors of animals are also prevalent representations of men.