Viken Plan's Tights are Covered in Wacky Patterns

Whereas once tights were either plain black or completely unnoticeable, Chinese company 'Viken Plan's' tights are just the opposite. Plastered with dazzling arrays of colors and patterns, the tights make themselves seen on any pair of legs.

Viken Plan's tight patterns fall into two categories: abstract color and pictorial. Within the colorful category there are simple designs, like polka-dots with a blur effect and Keith Haring-esque 80s-inspired blobs and shapes. But the pictorial tights are where Viken Plan gets really wacky. The images on the tights range from polar bears to American fast food in fine China to a fully detailed pastoral farm scene.

Though many of the patterns appear childish, the tights are in adult sizes, exemplifying the Millennial urge to reconnect with childhood.