Pakayla Biehn Paints Palpable Dream Pieces

 - May 11, 2011
References: youshouldtakecare & flavorwire
Pakayla Biehn paints palpable scenes that seem to jump off of the canvases with their unique use of space and texture. The lush dreamscape pieces that Pakayala Biehn creates are detailed enough that you can spend hours looking at them and still continue to find something new and interesting in them.

The double-exposure style that Pakayla Biehn has mastered certainly sets her apart from the majority of contemporary painters trying to make a name for themselves. The paintings of Pakayla Biehn feel at once gentle through their use of light, and chaotic for the movement that they depict.

Pakayla Biehn's remarkable dreamscape double-exposure paintings are a creative way to use painting as a medium to mimic the techniques of the camera.