- Jul 18, 2013
Showcasing a more sinister and evil theme in editorials is a fantastically creative way to connect to a much darker side of fashion, and these demonic fashion spreads will certainly turn heads with its devious and frightening images.

The mythology concerning the battle between angels and demons has been a theme that several movies and television shows have touched upon, and while heavenly creatures are most often cheered upon by fans, there's no denying the strikingly appealing nature that demonic creatures seem to have. The dark, edgy and mysterious appeal that demonic creatures often feature translates surprisingly well into modern fashion editorials, showcasing a much more twisted and eerie take to everyday styles.

From gothic monarch captures to diabolical fashion shoots, these demonic fashion spreads will certainly make an impression on viewers with its references to evil and frightening beings.

From Demonic High Fashion Editorials to Sinister Baptism Spreads: