The Isonat Flex Insulation is Plant-Based and Long-Lasting

 - Apr 29, 2014
References: isonat & treehugger
It's not easy to find green home insulation products on the market, especially since so many of them use non-renewable materials as a base and have a high energy cost to manufacture, but Buitex's Isonat Flex is one of the few healthy and ecologically responsible products out there.

The Isonat Flex home insulation panels come from France and use wood fibers in place of other toxic or non-renewable sources. Although it seems surprising, as it is required to be, the plant-based Isonat provides flame-resistant, thermal and acoustic insulation.

The Buitex product seems to be a smarter option than filling the walls of your house with chemical-laden insulation, however it's unfortunately three times the price of a comparable insulation product like mineral wool.