Understand the Far-Reaching Influence of Cocoa

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: trendreports
Can chocolate be used to create beautiful artwork? How does chocolate influence fashion? With over 1,500 examples of market analysis combined with 171 PRO Trends, our Chocolate Trend Report is perfect for marketers, advertisers, artists, chefs and confection businesses that want to understand the extensive reach of chocolate's influence.

Chocolate has been a desired sweet for centuries, but in recent years, its uses have extended beyond confections, baking, cooking and eating. In the past year, numerous chocolate-infused innovations have captured the attention of consumers worldwide. Our research highlights key factors creating change and influence in other sectors, like Routine Opulence and Small Indulgence, two PRO trends, which showcase the use of chocolate in fashion, advertising, art and design.

Use the collective insight gathered from consumers all over the world to make sound business decisions that will keep your brand on the cutting-edge.