The Cash Cannon Will Help You to Make it Rain on a Daily Basis

 - Jul 14, 2014
References: thecashcannon & laughingsquid
If you're looking for a way to make that paper in record time, the Cash Cannon is the way to go. This cannon cleverly shoots out a continuos stream of bills so you can feel like a hot-shot rapper in a music video.

The Cash Cannon is essentially a cannon that shoots nothing but paper bills out. It is a toy cannon designed to look like a gun that gives the user the ability to take aim and fire out as many bills as they'd like at any given time. The toy comes with a stack of fake one dollar bills for you to shoot into the air at your leisure. According to the Cash Cannon website, "the preferred item of choice to dispense is of course cash but any item that fits in the loading compartment and out of the slot will work with the device."