From Rewarding Mobile Wallets to Customized Lending Services

 - Oct 5, 2015
These financial tech innovations range from rewarding mobile wallets to customized lending services that are tailored to diverse income brackets. While getting access to credit or loans can be a difficult feat for those with low credit scores, services like India Lends and Inventure cater to those in emerging markets. While India Lends creates personalized loan offers according to individual incomes, Inventure works like a mobile credit platform that doesn't require an appointment with a financial advisor.

On the mobile wallet front, rewarding platforms like Yoyo Wallet work to collect redeemable points and discounts at a variety or participating businesses -- this particular app earns users points during their daily commute, coffee break and even when having dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Furthermore, other financial tech innovations include text-powered savings programs -- Dyme helps users save up for short-term and long term goals like a wedding or retirement -- and financial analytics services that help brands get a better understanding of their target demographic without sacrificing the privacy and identities of these consumers.