The Voice Biometric System Lets Consumers Use Verbal Passwords

 - Sep 3, 2015
References: manulife & itbusiness
Canadian financial service Manulife is increasing its security functions through the use of voice biometrics which will allow all users to use their voice as a password. This uniquely personalized function will ensure users are always protected when using phone banking services.

Manulife customers can use their voice as a password by calling the company and stating the phrase "at Manulife my voice is my password" three consecutive times. This piece of technology is proven to be more secure than previous systems because the password device can pick up over 100 unique characteristics in one persons voice.

The use of voice biometrics will allow users to feel more secure when using Manulife services. In addition, it will increase the trust between Manulife and each of its patrons. By personalizing each password, the financial institution creates a completely customized experience for consumers with the help of modern technology.