From Gamified Math Apps to Prom-Budgeting Apps

 - Aug 7, 2015
As Millennials become mentors and parents, they are teaching the next generation to be resilient and level-headed; Centennial apps are being used to help this generation to learn practical skills for the future and avoid the turbulence that comes from making uncalculated risks.

Financial apps like 'Oink' and 'Yuby' make it possible for a parent to have a hand in monitoring a child's allowance spending, teaching them valuable life skills for money management. When it comes time to graduate, there's even an app like 'Plan'it Prom' to organize and carry out a budget for this meaningful milestone event.

These apps for the Centennial generation also put a huge emphasis on leaving kids with long-lasting skills involving language, career skills or other essential life knowledge. Rather than simply having kids play games, there are a number of apps designed to help kids pick up programming in order to create their own applications and games.