IBM Smarter Planet Creates Intuitive Street Safety Measures

 - Jan 24, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
IBM has started a campaign called IBM Smarter Planet to show they care about making this world more intuitive and easier to navigate. One of the ways IBM Smarter Planet decided to do this was by tackling simple problems like cars not stopping at crosswalks.

The problem itself is expressed in this video in very simple terms by a young girl. She points out that cars don’t stop at crosswalks, even though that’s the entire point of crosswalks. The video then goes on to show the young girl standing on the side of the road at a crosswalk as dozens of cars pass through without the slightest hesitation.

IBM Smarter Planet found a simple solution to this problem -- it created a zebra-style crosswalk sheet that lights up whenever a pedestrian gets close to it.