- Jun 22, 2013
If money makes the world go round, then these economic infographics deserve more attention.

Aside from investment advice and salary-related infographics, holiday spending seems to be a hot topic. The 'Pay Off Holiday Expenses' infographic advises shoppers on paying off debt they've accumulated from holiday expenses. It includes harsh facts and questions to help consumers confront their spending habits, all through a series of cute cartoons.

On another note, the 'How Much Does Bond Cost the Taxpayer?' chart estimates how much tax money would be spent on James Bond if 007 was real. The detailed infographic reveals all of the undercover agent's expenditures. His cool gadgets and nice suits, along with all other lavish accessories, would apparently accumulate up to a total of 1.4 million British Pounds a year.

From 007 Expenditure Information to Holiday Spending Stats: