The ‘Conde Nast Salaries’ Feature by Fashion Etc. is Revealing

 - Jul 22, 2012
References: fashionetc
Fashion Etc., an online news source for all that is chic, has shed some light on Conde Nast salaries. This information is valuable to aspiring fashion professionals, as it is important to note the monetary potential that accompanies a career with prominent publications.

The website has compiled this information from Glassdoor research. Each image includes the highest and lowest pay for each position as well as an average. Despite the fact that the infographics do not factor insider perks and designer gifts, they are highly useful in their disclosure of surprising stats.

Perhaps the most interesting are those that depict the top positions like Art Director. Although the positions are high-profile, the financial potential of each is something to consider before pursuing a Devil Wears Prada career.