Learn How to Rob a Bank in the 21st Century with These Tips

 - Dec 3, 2012
References: banking-protection & visual.ly
Stealing isn't necessarily something everyone does, but curiosity can strike and that's where the 'How to Rob a Bank in the 21st Century' infographic comes in to help answer your questions.

The banking world has changed immensely over the past several decades, which is why the ability to steal from others has become much harder. Through online transactions and computer records, banks have been able to make banking more efficient, but also, some believe, more vulnerable. According to the FBI, $70 million was reported stolen through fraudulent transactions during 2010, so how is it getting stolen?

Thieves are using a number of different ways to hack into computer systems including trojan viruses to get vital banking info and use it for personal gain. While it might be difficult, protecting yourself online is usually a case of using your common sense.