The High Price of Higher Education Infographic Reveals School Tuitions

 - May 19, 2012
References: hrblock & holykaw.alltop
Going to school is a smart way to up your skills when it comes to finding a career, but the 'High Price of Higher Education' Infographics reveals the mountainous expenses that come with the cost of going to post-secondary.

In some nations, going to college or university is free and entirely taken care of by the government, but Americans aren't so lucky; debt is expected to accumulate to an amount higher than an average home downpayment.

This infographic created by H&R Block shows viewers the sad truth about going to college. There's a list of the five most expensive schools in the U.S. and the five least expensive. The statistics show the salary that people make and for a degree in petroleum engineering, expect to make up to $120,000, while a study in counseling and psychology is a mere $29,000. Skim through 'The High Price of Higher Education' infographics to see where you stand in the post-secondary debacle.