The 'How Safe Is Your PIN?' Pictorial Features Useful Anti-Hacking Info

 - Oct 10, 2012
The 'How Safe Is Your PIN?' infographic from features a step by step intuitive ladder on the ways to prevent theft of one's bank account. In 1967, the same man who invented the ATM invented the PIN (Personal Identification Number); his wife thought a four-digit code would be easier for people to memorize rather than a six-digit code. There are 10,000 combinations possible with 50 percent of people sharing either their bank card or credit card PIN number with a friend or family member.

The most used PIN is 1234 followed by 1111 and 0000. The least common PINs include 8068 and 8093. The most common variation of numbers include 19XX, meaning that staying away from using your year of birth is probably wise.