From Eco-Friendly Arbor Gadgets to Lumberific PCs

 - May 28, 2013
These wooden electronic gadgets are a clever combination of technology and nature. There is a stark contrast between the human-made technologies and the natural feel that is associated with timber that gives this gadgets their appeal.

If you are someone who is outdoorsy, but pride yourself in staying connected to the world around you, these products are a great balance. These wooden electronic gadgets are functional and eco-friendly alternatives to cold, harsh technologies.

From fake wooden phones to bamboo computer cases, these wooden electronic gadgets are great for people who need to feel connected to the outdoors. These wooden gadgets are sleek and compact, as well as totally functional. Cover your iPad in bamboo or protect your smartphone with cedar; either way, you will be feeling like a lumberjack with these great wooden electronic gadgets.