Takao Inoue's OLED Tampopo Lights Have a Magical Glow

 - May 2, 2014
References: somewheretokyo & gizmodo
Inside each of the OLED Tampopo lights is a tiny dandelion that seems to be glowing as if by magic. "Tampopo" in Japanese means "dandelion" and as these lamps were created by cinematographer Takao Inoue as celebrations of spring. Although the appearance of these weeds are the bane of gardeners everywhere come the warmer weather, as a kid, there's nothing more magical than plucking one and making a wish upon it, and these lamps simulate only those good feelings.

Each acrylic block encases a beautifully presented, floating dandelion that has absolutely no wiring in sight, but the dandelions get their glow from an OLED bulb that's been embedded directly into the stem. Still, there are no connectors in sight, which makes these lights truly something to behold.

an OLED bulb embedded directly in the stem of the flower.