From Smiling Stackable Storage to Deliciously Sweet Headboards

 - Aug 15, 2013
When it comes to furnishing your bedroom, outfitting the area with items that reflect your personality is key, and these playful bedroom decor ideas are perfect for anyone who's interested in a more fun and entertaining interior space.

A person's bedroom can also act as a private sanctuary, a place where someone can come home and relax in by themselves. That's why choosing to decorate your room with items that are reflective of your personality serves to make the space seem even more inviting and personalized. And if you happen to have a fun and exuberant personality, then these playful bedroom decor ideas are certainly up your alley. Featuring such designs as fruit-shaped loungers, mechanic bedroom sets, funky headboards and humorous cushions, these playful bedroom decor ideas will certainly turn any room into a more colorful and exciting space.