This Hand Wall Lamp Always Gives You a Helping Hand

 - May 17, 2013
References: karagunter & etsy
Wish there was someone to give you a hand when you needed some light? Kara Gunter thought so too, and so she created the ‘Hand Holding Bulb Wall Lamp’—a quirky plastered hand wall lamp that holds up a standard bulb and can be mounted to any wall surface.

While many lamps typically conceal the light bulb because it’s too industrial and unflattering to look at, Kara Gunter takes this notion tongue-in-cheek and decided to make the light bulb the focal point of her design. The plastered hand—a mold of Kara’s own hand—clutches the bulb like a friend offering you light in the times when it’s too dark to see.

The hand is attached to a wooden board customizable with whatever patterns, colors or designs you like. Another interesting aspect is this lamp isn’t meant for a bedside table but to be displayed as a work of a art on a wall—a great eclectic conversational piece.