Decorative Asteroid Decals are Modernly Futuristic

 - Jun 23, 2009   Updated: Mar 28 2011
References: coolmaterial & gearfuse
If you were the type that loved having glowing stars adorn your bathroom walls when you were young, then you will certainly love the Asteroid Wall Decals.

These futuristic wall decorations have a retro vibe, and make decorating walls easier than attempting to paint patterns.

For girl or boys, women or men, the Asteroid Wall Decals are cute and playful.

Implications - Wall decals offer apartment- and condo-dwellers a way to customize their interior in a temporary manner. These removable stickers especially resonate with millennials, who have an affinity for personalization. To reach this market, product designers must create decals that inspire nostalgia in someone who grew up during the 80s and 90s.