Sculptural Lighting from LumAcco Reacts to Music

 - Aug 9, 2013
References: kickstarter & waveavenue
If you're looking for a stunning piece of artwork that will be the talk of the town, then this Sculptural Lighting is just what you are looking for.

LumAcco has created these wall mount sculptures that have colorful screens attached to them. Not only is this piece beautiful on its own, but it also reacts to music. When music is being played, the art senses the beat, and then it changes its colors in time to the music. Since it works when music is on, it is a good thing it is a stunning statement piece on its own. Also, when tunes with a stronger bass is played then the art will change faster or slower depending on the song you are listening to. This Sculptural Lighting is perfect for any music fanatic, and it will be the talk of any party you throw.