The Interview Russia July/August 2014 Issue Focuses On Accessories

In the latest Interview Russia July/August 2014 issue, brunette models Manuela Grey and Daga Ziober team up for a steamy jewelry photoshoot. The shoot features bold colors, chromatic accessories and barely any clothes.

Photographer Christian Ferretti focused this high-fashion shoot entirely on fun and flirty jewelry accessories that are ideal for the warmer summer months. The shoot featured Gray and Ziober seductively embracing and intertwining their bodies into interesting positions in order to show off various gold and bejeweled necklaces, rings and bangles. Makeup artist Kristi Matamoros covered the pair of models in bold jewel-toned eye shadow pigments and glittery gold body paint. Hairstylist Joey George added to the steaminess of the shoot by keeping Grey and Ziober's hair tousled and drenched.