Track Key Breakthroughs in the Earth-Friendly Car Market

 - Mar 20, 2012
References: trendreports
Cars that produce lower emissions and provide better fuel economy are in high demand. More than ever before, people are forgoing the speed and performance associated with big engine, gas guzzling vehicles in favor of eco-friendly rides. Within the Eco-Car Trend Report, users will be exposed to a wide variety of eco-vehicles, from family sedans to sports cars.

With over 4,800 examples of eco-car research and 531 PRO Trends, our research is filled with enough data to help gauge various fluctuations and emerging patterns in this industry. For instance, some may still hold the opinion that earth-friendly vehicles are small, compact and don't provide enough horsepower. In fact, with breakthroughs made in electric car manufacturing and design, these vehicles can now reach speeds greater than traditional combustion engines can produce.

Use our crowd-generated research to track innovations in this field, giving you a head start in the marketplace.