Morel Doucet Transforms Aquatic Crustaceans into Surreal Timepieces

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: moreldoucet & beautifuldecay
Morcel Doucet is an artist that hails from Haiti and has a knack for creating surrealist art pieces using aquatic crustaceans. The ocean creatures and coral are transformed into dreamlike timepieces entitled the Clock Work.

The Clock Work series features several coral clocks Doucet has put together using a variety of organic materials pulled from the ocean floor. The items are stacked together and covered in one uniform color as a way to tell time. According to Beautiful Decay, Doucet pieces "examines the relationship between the dying of our environments (coral reefs) and skin color (Melanin) as a device for the passing of time" drawing a parallel between the two concepts. The installations spawn the viewer to think about historical exploits and environmental issues simultaneously.