This Stefan Steinn Series is Clever and Coy

 - Jun 24, 2012
References: photographyserved
In his recent series 'Natural Beauty,' Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Stefain Steinn uses objects from nature that are likely to remind viewers of various features of human anatomy and biological processes.

Cleverly, Steinn introduces the series with the statement, "What you see, is what you imagine." Steinn hashes out this point further, explaining that although the objects depicted are themselves quite beautiful, their most intriguing aspect is how they cause people to think of other objects. As such, the series seeks to to point out the fascination people have with their own imaginations rather than express that of its author.

Each image in the series has also been fastened onto a 6mm thick glass plate without a frame. This works to emphasize detail and contrast. The viewer is left to focus almost solely on the object depicted.