This Project Encourages Consumers to Leave Their Phones at Home

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: no-tech-zone & fastcoexist
San Francisco's new tech-free zones are part of a unique project that encourages consumers to leave their phones at home. San Francisco now provides free WiFi for more than 30 public spaces throughout the city. While the move to offer free WiFi has been greeted with much support, others think that the service may be unnecessary.

Artist Ivan Cash sought to provoke further discussion about the free WiFi through a unique art installation. Cash went about installing a series of 'No Tech' signs in various parks and plazas throughout the city. The realistic signs suggest that a fine will be issued to anyone caught using a digital device in public. The idea behind the project is not to scare consumers into abandoning their devices, but rather to encourage them to leave their phones at home for a day or two. As Cash explains, "it’s all about balance and reflection."

The unique project reminds consumers that a digital detox can be beneficial every once in awhile.