Suze Woolf’s Burnt Tree Trunk Paintings are Tragically Exquisite

Dancing along the line between melancholy and allure, artist Suze Woolf paints burnt tree trunk images in stunning detail for her ‘Burnscapes’ series.

Portraying the essence of destruction while simultaneously capturing the beauty of despair, Woolf turns something ugly and discarded into a series of captivating paintings. Craggy lines, charred timber and jagged edges give the wood a decrepit look that is softened by the intensity of tonal shading and the shimmery, rippled surface texture. Each painting has its own personality, showing the individuality of each piece of wood so that there is always something new to view.

The burnt tree trunk paintings of the ‘Burnscapes’ series by Suze Woolf would look ironic hung above a fireplace in a log cabin.