From Woodland Record Players to Tree Trunk Tables

 - Feb 20, 2013
Trees are a beautiful part of nature; their serene and relaxing aura is part of what makes enjoying the outdoors so enjoyable, and these terrific tree trunk creations are a great way to bring a small slice of nature indoors.

While it's unrealistic to take an entire tree and place it in your living room, utilizing tree trunks into your home furnishings is a fantastic alternative for incorporating nature into your decor. From vintage record players that use tree trunks as the spinning table to creatively designed lamp fixtures that have that iconic trunk exterior, these fantastic nature-inspired creations are an inventive way to pay tribute to the outdoors.

Whether you're someone who loves the beauty of nature, or are just looking to enhance your interior decor with some eclectic items, these tree trunk creations will definitely leave a lasting impression.