'Homage to the Elm Trees' by Lies-Marie Hoffmann is an Eco Art Reminder

 - Mar 17, 2011
References: l-mh & gizfactory
Lies-Marie Hoffmann's 'Homage to the Elm trees' exhibit in Stockholm, Sweden provides a stark and profound reminder that even the largest organisms in nature still need to be protected, preserved and looked after.

In order to highlight this environmental message and communicate it to her community, Lies-Marie Hoffman worked with the folks at Nordic Tree Care in order to turn trees infected with Dutch Elm Disease into beautiful benches and chairs placed across the city. By carefully cutting each trunk with a chainsaw, she was able to feature them in such a way that highlights their innate natural beauty.

The result is a collection of awesome eco art that serves the dual function of providing people with a place to sit, while also giving them the chance to experience and appreciate the natural world in an up close and personal way.