Chop Stick by Visiondivision is a Kiosk Made Entirely From a Tree

 - Aug 15, 2011
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Designed for an art park in Indiana, Chop Stick by Visiondivision architects is a tree that is being turned into a concession stand.

The architects cut down a 100-foot yellow poplar tree, which is the state tree of Indiana, and transported it to the park site where it was suspended and turned into a horizontal beam. Then, they debarked the tree to make it safer for bystanders (when bark is left on, it can fall off onto people, which happens naturally when the wood's moisture content drops).

Chopstick by Visiondivision is based on the concept that to create something new, something must be sacrificed. Although the tree has been sacrificed, the architects are also looking to apply as many parts of the tree as possible. For instance, pieces of it have been extracted to be used for different parts of the concession stand, including a swing set, benches and pillars.