Heath West's Sculptural Canvases Play with One's Perception

 - Jul 15, 2014
References: heathwest.net & lanciatrendvisions
A series of complex three-dimensional folds makes up this series of sculptural canvases by American artist Heath West. The protruding and multidimensional works play with the perception of their viewer and are showcased in a range of chromatic hues and vivid pattern configurations.

Based in Houston, Texas, Heath is a graduate from Columbia University where he majored in Science of Advanced Architectural Design. "The artist now focuses on the structure and transformation of space, exploring how our environments may be composed of a series of points and lines that fold reflectively into the practice of everyday life."

Heath West's vivid and sculptural artworks challenge tradition and resemble folded pieces of paper. His vivid sculptures adorn clear canvas boxes that give each piece a sleek and modern look.