Auradesign's Submerged Light Bulbs are Simply Captivating

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: & athenna
It's a commonly known fact that electricity should never be mixed with water, but the creative minds of AuraDesign are throwing away that belief and have amazingly defied logic by creating these wonderfully submerged light bulbs.

The Brno-based Czech design studio created the lightbulb called ‘Edie’ to create a new means of immersing people in a luminescent field of lights. The light fixture has the appearance of any other regular incandescent lightbulb, but is specifically designed to be immersed in liquids. Once activated, the submerged bulb creates a series of refracting lights, which are similar to the types of light refraction a person would get when holding a glass filled with water through light.

This creative lighting design amazingly demonstrates what someone's imagination can create.