Broadcast Your Podcast

 - May 23, 2006
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Break out of the net and into local radio

“BYP is an idea and a technology. The idea is to allow people to hear podcasts without the need for expensive equipment or fast internet connections. The technology is the BYP transmitter. By using a BYP transmitter podcasts can be broadcast on FM for anyone to hear using a simple radio tuner. BYPs strategy is to distribute these units for free to podcasters so they can extend their practice, reaching beyond the net and into local radio space..."

Is it legal? Not entirely:.. In most countries the use of FM (and AM) is forbidden. However the transmitters are not that strong that they take over existing radiostations frequencies.

How do you get your hands on one? Email lotte @ broadcastyourpodcast • com. And they'll send you a BYP-kit