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Highbrow Gaming

Game developers scale up concepts to appeal to a Gen X audience

Implications - Though many perceive video games as childish, Gen Xers represent the largest contingent of gamers across the industry as a whole. Developers are thus appealing to those consumers' adult tastes with complex, highbrow concepts and narratives. This divergence has the added benefit of expanding the industry's taste range, opening it up to a broader base of consumers — regardless of their generational demographic.
Workshop Question - What aspects of your brand or product could you pivot to broaden your consumer demographics?
6 Featured, 45 Examples:
28,911 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Oct 16 — Aug 17
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Gentlemanly Insult Games
Gentlemanly Insult Games
'Oh...Sir!' is a Video Game in Which Playable Gentlemen Insult Each Other
In ‘Oh…Sir!,’ players have the opportunity to take out their aggression on one another without having to resort to the violence that is endemic in most fighting games. That’s... MORE
Politicized Voting Video Games
Politicized Voting Video Games
'The Voter Suppression Trail' is a Game from the New York Times
‘The Voter Suppression Trail’ is a New York Times op-ed styled as an old-school video game. Specifically, the informative game’s 8-bit design references a classic childhood... MORE
Nested Video Game Sequels
Nested Video Game Sequels
'Frog Fractions 2' is Hidden Inside Another Game
Frog Fractions, a flash game released in 2012, is beloved for its bizarre and enigmatic style, so the company behind the game, Twin Beard, made sure to keep up that strangeness with the sequel, Frog... MORE
play_circle_filled Fatally Timed Video Games
Fatally Timed Video Games
In Minit, the Main Character Perishes Every 60 Seconds
Original video game concepts are hard to come by, but Minit, a new indie game from developers Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Calis, offers a completely novel experience. As its name hints, the game&#... MORE
Politically Accurate Football Games
Politically Accurate Football Games
'Football Manager 2017' Will Include the Effects of Brexit
Football Manager 2017 is not like other sports video games. While the FIFA franchise, the Madden franchise, or other similar sports games take pride in offering a facsimile of real professional play,... MORE
play_circle_filled Evolutionary Video Games
Evolutionary Video Games
'Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey' Will Follow Human Evolution
‘Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey’ is a new game with a plot that’s at odds with its ambitious technical scope. Though the game is being teased as a massive, open-world format that... MORE

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Related Examples

play_circle_filled Retro Video Game VR
Retro Video Game VR
Mario Kart VR is Now Available to Who Visit the VR Zone in Shinjuku, Japan
play_circle_filled Supercharged Racing Games
Supercharged Racing Games
Need For Speed: Payback Will Be Highly Plot-Focused
play_circle_filled Realistic Toy Car Games
Realistic Toy Car Games
Forza Horizon 3 and Hot Wheels are Adding Toy Fun to the Race Simulator
play_circle_filled App-Based Animated Series
App-Based Animated Series
The Fruit Ninja App is Being Turned into a YouTube Red Original Series
play_circle_filled Revamped Demolition Derby Games
Revamped Demolition Derby Games
'Micro Machines World Series' is an Update on the Classic 90s Game
Video Game Chat Systems
Video Game Chat Systems
Skype for Xbox One Offers Smooth Controls
Online Building Game Shop
Online Building Game Shop
'Minecraft Pocket' Now Has an Online Store That Includes PC Add-Ons
Video Game AR Toys
Video Game AR Toys
The 'SwapBots' Digital Toys Exist in Real Life and in the Digital World
Real-Time Zombie Games
Real-Time Zombie Games
The Walking Dead Turned Facebook Live into a Live-Action Video Game
eSports Gaming Stadiums
eSports Gaming Stadiums
The MGM Grand Garden Arena is a Large-Scale eSports Venue
play_circle_filled Mobile Adventure Puzzle Games
Mobile Adventure Puzzle Games
'realMyst' Can Now Be Conveniently Played on Android Smartphones
play_circle_filled Cartoonish VR Boxing Games
Cartoonish VR Boxing Games
'Knockout League' Features Bouts with Silly Arcade Characters
play_circle_filled Gambling First Person Shooters
Gambling First Person Shooters
GameCo's Danger Arena is a Skill-Based Video Game Gambling Machine
Full-Scale Mobile Games
Full-Scale Mobile Games
Sony's 'ForwardWorks' Studio Produces Video Games for Mobile Devices
play_circle_filled Christmas Assassination Missions
Christmas Assassination Missions
Hitman's Holiday Hoarders Mission is a Special Christmas Release
Virtual Rainbow Soccer Kits
Virtual Rainbow Soccer Kits
The FIFA 2017 Rainbow Kit Raises Awareness for Gay Athletes
Noodle Fantasy Crossovers
Noodle Fantasy Crossovers
'Cup Noodle XV' is a Collaborative Parody of 'Final Fantasy XV'
Video Game-Inspired Board Games
Video Game-Inspired Board Games
'Mechs vs. Minions' is Based on 'League of Legends'
Empire-Building Video Games
Empire-Building Video Games
'Civilization VI' Lets Users Play as Real Historical Leaders
Horror Video Game Diapers
Horror Video Game Diapers
Red Barrels' 'Underscares' Help Out Users Play the 'Outlast' Horror Game
play_circle_filled VR Basketball Video Games
VR Basketball Video Games
'NBA 2KVR Experience' Features Immersive Mini-Games
Goofy Pug Video Games
Goofy Pug Video Games
'Butt Sniffin Pugs' is an Indie Game Featuring Cute Dog Adventures
Election Day Cookie Giveaways
Election Day Cookie Giveaways
Great American Cookies is Giving Away Free Cookies to Those Who Vote
Election-Themed Sneakers
Election-Themed Sneakers
These Limited-Edition Converse All Stars Encourage Americans to Vote
Fan-Picked Oatmeal Promotions
Fan-Picked Oatmeal Promotions
Quaker’s New Contest Lets Fans Pick the Next Instant Oatmeal Flavor
Politician-Exposing Documentaries
Politician-Exposing Documentaries
The Movie 'You've Been Trumped Too' is Seeking Funding
Voter-Encouraging Carpool Apps
Voter-Encouraging Carpool Apps
This App Helps People Carpool to Voting Booths
Dark Superhero VR Experience
Dark Superhero VR Experience
'Batman: Arkham VR' Lets Consumers Play as Batman in First Person
Presidential Pet Video Games
Presidential Pet Video Games
'Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill' Will Be Re-released After the Election
Millennial Voter Apps
Millennial Voter Apps
The VotePlz App Encourages Young Americans to Make Their Voice Heard
Machine Learning Video Games
Machine Learning Video Games
The Bad Guy in 'Hello Neighbor' Learns from Players' Mistakes
Arcade-Style Basketball Games
Arcade-Style Basketball Games
'3on3 Freestyle' is a Cartoon Video Game for Casual Basketball Fans
Political VR Plazas
Political VR Plazas
NBC News' Virtual Reality 'Democracy Plaza' Shows Debates and More
Voter Registration Bots
Voter Registration Bots
HelloVote Registers Voters Through Facebook Messenger
Gorilla Meme Video Games
Gorilla Meme Video Games
'Harambe vs. Capcom' is a Fighter Game Featuring the Late Primate
VR Racing Video Games
VR Racing Video Games
Driveclub VR Maintains Its Graphics in Virtual Reality
Mobile Voting Trailers
Mobile Voting Trailers
This Transporting Voter Ballot Booth Takes Its Design From Food Trucks
play_circle_filled Lava Floor Video Games
Lava Floor Video Games
'Hot Lava' Literalizes Children's 'The Floor is Lava' Game
play_circle_filled Commemorative Video Games
Commemorative Video Games
This New Duke Nukem Release Celebrates a Classic 1990s Game
Olympian VR Experiences
Olympian VR Experiences
Samsung Users Will Be Able to See the Olympics in Virtual Reality
play_circle_filled Leisurely Sports Games
Leisurely Sports Games
The VR 'Rec Room' Game is Part Chatroom and Part Online Multiplayer Game
Fantasy Sport Micro-Games
Fantasy Sport Micro-Games
'Ballr' Introduces a Rapid-Fire Format for Fantasy Sports Gaming
Live Sports VR Apps
Live Sports VR Apps
LikeLive VR Makes Watching the Game at Home a More Immersive Experience
Graphics-Enhancing Gaming Apps
Graphics-Enhancing Gaming Apps
Ilusis Creates Latin American Gaming Apps With Enhanced 3D Graphics
On-Call Video Game Advice
On-Call Video Game Advice
Harry Redknapp Mentors Players of Football Manager 2010 Video Game