'Batman: Arkham VR' Lets Consumers Play as Batman in First Person

 - Oct 17, 2016
References: playstation & vrheads
The 'Batman: Arkham' video game franchise has been the most popular series for the caped crusader, and the new Batman: Arkham VR experience for Playstation VR is a more immersive adventure than ever before. Though the game is a demo that teases at the potential of the Batman: Arkham franchise as a VR experience, it nonetheless provides an invigorating show that will leave players wanting more.

The Batman: Arkham VR experience is story driven, as opposed to a sandbox exploration. In the story, players begin as a young Bruce Wayne before a temporal jump takes them to the present as Batman. The experience goes through the staples of the Batman franchise, including a walk through Wayne Manor, a trip to the Bat Cave, and a short but enthralling mystery that the player must solve.