'The Voter Suppression Trail' is a Game from the New York Times

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: nytimes
'The Voter Suppression Trail' is a New York Times op-ed styled as an old-school video game. Specifically, the informative game's 8-bit design references a classic childhood computer game: 'The Oregon Trail.'

Similar to the educational Oregon Trail game, The Voter Suppression Trail tasks users with overcoming hardships in order to complete a task. Rather than making one's way across the American west, though, The Voter Suppression Trail players need to take their character to a polling station and cast a vote.

As the game's name indicates, it is highly critical of the imbalance in voting practices across the US, including things like the amount of polling stations and the staffing therein. Users can play as three different characters of different races and demographics, with the journey being easier or more challenging depending on the character that was selected.