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Animalized Marketing

The use of pets in ads evolves to convey familiarity, humor and youthfulness

Implications - While the original perception of animals in advertising pertained to conveying a cute and emotional aesthetic, the tactic is evolving to humanize brands and place them in a more youth-focused light. This approach disassociates brands with formality to better appeal to mom, dad and children for cohesive adaptation in a market where purchases are influenced by all family members and not just breadwinners. Striking a balance between familial orientation and personification, the marketing endeavors push in a more ambiguous direction to target all generations and not just one.
7 Featured, 54 Examples:
237,376 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Aug 13 — Feb 16

Featured Examples

Social Media-Sourced Ads
Social Media-Sourced Ads
The Land of Nod's May Cover Stars the Adorable and Viral Theo and Beau
For its latest ad campaign, The Land of Nod snapped up one of the many things that’s both cute and viral on the Internet. People can’t resist clicking on pictures of dogs and kids, as... MORE
Upside Down Jeep Ads
Upside Down Jeep Ads
Jeep Launches a New Set of Ads That Lets You 'See Whatever You Want To See'
American automobile brand Jeep has recently launched its newest set of ads that centers on the motto, “See whatever you want to see.” The series of commercials were created by global design... MORE
Rejoicing Animal Ads
Rejoicing Animal Ads
This Promotion for Buin Zoo Features Celebrating Animals
A series of amusing ads promoting Buin Zoo feature exotic animals celebrating. The ads show animals smiling while looking off in the distance. Each visual has a different safari creature with a... MORE
play_circle_filled Heartwarming Companion Beer Ads
Heartwarming Companion Beer Ads
The Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Continues the Tale of the Clydesdale
The 2014 Budweiser Super Bowl ad is a continuation of the story that aired during last year’s game. The 2013 Budweiser ‘Brotherhood’ commercial starred a Clydesdale horse and focused on the... MORE
play_circle_filled Familial Condiment Ads
Familial Condiment Ads
Heinz' Super Bowl Ad Stars a Condiment Family and a Stampede of Weiner Dogs
This year’s Heinz Super Bowl ad is tied to the brand’s #MeettheKetchups campaign, which introduces an entire family of condiments. In order to emphasize that the brand produces more... MORE
play_circle_filled Canine Car Shop Ads
Canine Car Shop Ads
The 'Slow Bark' CarMax Ad is Made for the Puppy Bowl
The ‘Slow Bark’ CarMax Super Bowl ad is a spoof on its ‘Slow Clap’ ad, remade with tons of puppies. The puppy version is set up and shot just like the human version of the commercial,... MORE
play_circle_filled Anti-Pesticide Food Ads
Anti-Pesticide Food Ads
Only Organic's New Mac Donald Campaign Encourages Safe Farming
Only Organic recently released an eye-opening campaign that illustrates the damaging effects of sprayed and pesticide-infused foods. The ad features a group of children who perform in a seemingly... MORE

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play_circle_filled Sci-Fi Avocado Commercials
Sci-Fi Avocado Commercials
This 'Avocados From Mexico' Ad Looks at Human Life from the Future
play_circle_filled Celebrity Detection Ads
Celebrity Detection Ads
Hyundai's 'Ryanville' Super Bowl Commercial Stars Ryan Reynolds
play_circle_filled Animal Choir Commercials
Animal Choir Commercials
This Super Bowl Ad Pairs the Honda Ridgeline with Singing Sheep
play_circle_filled Celebratory Grooming Commercials
Celebratory Grooming Commercials
The 'Find Your Magic' Axe Super Bowl Ad Embraces Individuality
play_circle_filled Empowering Automotive Ads
Empowering Automotive Ads
The MINI USA 'Defy Labels' Super Bowl 50 Ad Stars Six Celebrities
play_circle_filled Deathly Coffee Ads
Deathly Coffee Ads
Intuit's 'Small Business, Big Game' Super Bowl Spot Promotes a Coffee Company
play_circle_filled Inspiring Anime Ads
Inspiring Anime Ads
The Pokemon Super Bowl Commercial Urges Fans to 'Train On'
play_circle_filled Bantering Bar Commercials
Bantering Bar Commercials
The Shock Top Super Bowl Ad Stars T.J. Miller and the Brand Mascot
Local Food Initiatives
Local Food Initiatives
Foodland Ontario's Website Proves Why Buying Local is a Smart Choice
play_circle_filled Transparent Restaurant Menus
Transparent Restaurant Menus
Panera Bread's Transparent Menu Empowers Guests With Healthy Options
All-Access Fast Food Tours
All-Access Fast Food Tours
The McDonald's All-Access Moms Campaign Promotes Brand Transparency
Allergy-Alerting Apps
Allergy-Alerting Apps
The 'Invitalshare' App Helps Parents Share Food Allergies with Caregivers
On-Demand Takeout Apps
On-Demand Takeout Apps
The Seamless App Makes Finding Restaurants and Food Orders Easy
Vitamin-Rich Carrot Puffs
Vitamin-Rich Carrot Puffs
Pirate's Booty Carrot Puffs Deliver Vitamin A in a Fun Form
New Age Guides
New Age Guides
This Stress Relief Infographic Focuses on Alternative Solutions to Feeling Better
Gardener Cooking Clubs
Gardener Cooking Clubs
This Agape Centre Program Has Kids Cooking with Food They Harvested
play_circle_filled Child Chef Camps
Child Chef Camps
This SoFAB Cooking Camp Teaches Kids to Prepare Healthy Meals
Noisy Typographic Auto Ads
Noisy Typographic Auto Ads
Smart Car's Smart Electric Drive Provides Silence in the City
Face-Mashed Dog Ads
Face-Mashed Dog Ads
The Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Campaign is Inspired by Social Media
play_circle_filled Photoshopped Adoption Projects
Photoshopped Adoption Projects
The Help Dogs with Images Series Focuses on Rescue Pets
Dog Park Status Apps
Dog Park Status Apps
The SocialDog App Gives You a Heads Up Before Visiting the Dog Park
Poignant Rescue Dog Photos
Poignant Rescue Dog Photos
Charlotte Dumas ' Photos Depict Dogs That Rescued 9/11 Survivors
BFF Napping Photography (UPDATE)
BFF Napping Photography (UPDATE)
Theo and Beau’s Update is Heart-Warming
play_circle_filled Interracial Family-Forming Ads
Interracial Family-Forming Ads
The First Cheerios Super Bowl Ad Brings Back the Interracial Family
play_circle_filled Television-Commerce Fashion Ads
Television-Commerce Fashion Ads
The H&M Super Bowl Ad Will Let Fans Buy Right from Their TVs
play_circle_filled Applauding Auto Shop Ads
Applauding Auto Shop Ads
The Slow Clap Super Bowl Ad from CarMax Celebrates Its Consumers
Hybrid Canine Car Ads
Hybrid Canine Car Ads
This Audi Commercial Builds Suspense for Its Upcoming Super Bowl Ad
Suspenseful Canine Car Ads
Suspenseful Canine Car Ads
This Audi Super Bowl Ad Teaser Promises a Big Surprise on Game Day
play_circle_filled Meme-Ridden Web Design Ads
Meme-Ridden Web Design Ads
This Squarespace Super Bowl Teaser Ad Explores Internet Themes
play_circle_filled Customer-Herding Webhost Ads
Customer-Herding Webhost Ads
The 2014 GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad Brings Customers in Droves
Football Ad-Previewing Channels
Football Ad-Previewing Channels
YouTube Ad Blitz Gives Super Bowl Ads Their Own Pre-Game Show
play_circle_filled Kidnapped Candy Commercials
Kidnapped Candy Commercials
The Yellow M&M Chocolate Gets Abducted Before the Super Bowl
Football-Infused Fashion Shoots
Football-Infused Fashion Shoots
Mario Testino Captured Kate Upton for Vogue US February 2014
Best Friend Napping Photography
Best Friend Napping Photography
Theo and Beau Show that Dogs and Humans have a Special Connection
Audacious Road Trip Contests
Audacious Road Trip Contests
Jeep's '30 Miles of Freedom' Contest Drives Adventurers to Win
play_circle_filled Prehistoric Film-Inspired Pranks
Prehistoric Film-Inspired Pranks
This Improv Everywhere Stunt Imagines Jurassic Park in Real Life
play_circle_filled Zombie-Proofed Rides
Zombie-Proofed Rides
These Jeeps from Starwood Motors Have Been Zombie-Proofed
Social Media-Sourced Models
Social Media-Sourced Models
These Unconventional Diesel Models Were Spotted on Social Media
Watercolor Animal Ads
Watercolor Animal Ads
The WWF 'No water, No life' Campaign is Artistically Abstract
Beast-Repairing Ads
Beast-Repairing Ads
This WWF Promotion Features Animals Being Treated Like Autos
Bodybuilding Animal Ads
Bodybuilding Animal Ads
The Povna Chasha Dishwashing Liquid Campaign Promises 'Fat No More'
Brutal Skinning Animal Ads
Brutal Skinning Animal Ads
The PETA 2013 Campaign Shows 'When You Buy, You Become a Part of It'
Mustachioed Animal Ads
Mustachioed Animal Ads
This 180 Amsterdam Ad Proves That Well-Groomed Facial Hair is Dapper
play_circle_filled Dapper Survival Accessories
Dapper Survival Accessories
The 'Jeep Legendary Accessories' Double as Survival Tools
Heartbreaking Emotive Animal Ads
Heartbreaking Emotive Animal Ads
This WWF Grey Campaign Calls for Environmental Change
Origami Animal Ads
Origami Animal Ads
The Earth911 Recycling Campaign Artistically Advocates Environmental Change
Healthy Humanimal Ads
Healthy Humanimal Ads
The Biocanina Pet Care Products Campaign is Bizarrely Adorable
Social Media-Sourced Billboards
Social Media-Sourced Billboards
The Scribe Billboard Features Artwork Based on People’s Tweets
Hybrid Animal Ads
Hybrid Animal Ads
The Black & Decker Matrix Interchangeable Attachments Campaign is Fantastical
Rugged Car Seat Covers
Rugged Car Seat Covers
The Smittybilt G.E.A.R. Seat Covers is Fit for Off-Roading Adventurers
Happy Homecoming Jeep Ads
Happy Homecoming Jeep Ads
This Jeep Super Bowl Commercial is Part of Operation S.A.F.E. Return
Contagious Car Commercials
Contagious Car Commercials
The Volkswagen Superbowl Commercial Will Bring a Smile to Your Face
Oversized Economy SUVs
Oversized Economy SUVs
The Fiat Panda Monster Truck is a Top Gear Tribute
Deliberately Dilapidated Art Exhibits
Deliberately Dilapidated Art Exhibits
The Margarita Cabrera Soft Sculptures are Simple