This 180 Amsterdam Ad Proves That Well-Groomed Facial Hair is Dapper

 - Jul 8, 2013
References: 180amsterdam & lostateminor
Advertising agency 180 Amsterdam has just released a new series of print ads for Barber Shaves & Trims featuring a group of extremely dapper, mustachioed animals.

Each of these print ads depict a wild animal in its natural habit, be it a forest or a safari,looking completely natural but for a highly stylized, Victorian-esque moustache plastered on its face. A grizzly bear is shown with a full beard and moustache, a water buffalo is shown with a full-on circus ringmaster facial 'do, while a caribou is shown with a hilariously twirly moustache poking up from its muzzle.

These print ads are positively ingenious, since they are quick to grab the attention of passers-by, and are completely memorable because of their humorous qualities. With these ads, 180 Amsterdam has demonstrated that advertising, while still a highly competitive business, can indeed have a fun side.