The Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Campaign is Inspired by Social Media

 - May 27, 2014
References: bbdo & adeevee
The Pedigree Dentastix Fresh ad campaign takes a cue from a big photo fad on Instagram and Tumblr sites. It captures pet owners with their dogs in an endlessly hilarious way. The dogs are posed to make it appear as though their faces have been mashed together. Timely and clever, the Pedigree Dentastix Fresh ad campaign reads, "Fresher breath than yours."

Conceived and executed by BBDO, an ad agency based in Duesseldorf, Germany, the Pedigree Dentastix Fresh ad campaign was art directed by Zorica Micic and Christian El Asmar with creative direction by Marco Obermann and Achim Metzdorf. The images were shot by photographer Murat Aslan in studio and post produced by Andreas Doria. They will speak not only to those with pets, but also those tapped into the social media world.