The Margarita Cabrera Soft Sculptures are Simple

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: margaritacabrera & sweet-station
When you think of sculptures, you probably imagine a white rock statue of some sort, not some large, soft, drooping pieces as featured in the Margarita Cabrera Soft Sculptures collection.

Incorporating materials like vinyl, thread, wire and sometimes car parts, Margarita Cabrera creates bike, Jeep and toaster models that are run-down in appearance. The internationally worn-down effect is interesting -- it looks similar to how kids are made to look in those 'drink milk' PSAs. As a Mexican-American artist who is also an activist for issues like labor practices and immigration, Cabrera creates a collection that may also comment on the materialistic nature of society. In the capitalist North America, there is no shortage of shiny cars, sleek appliances and technology-charged gadgets, which is the exact opposite image of what is portrayed in her exhibit.