These Specific Elements Make Jeep Designs Unique

 - Dec 22, 2012
Almost all Jeep designs feature a very specific set of staples, which give them their distinct look and separate them from the fleet of sport utility vehicles that continues to flood the market.

The concept for Jeep designs originally comes from military vehicles, and hence is based in performance. Jeeps are typically heavy duty vehicles equipped with four wheel drive capabilities and perfect for off-roading.

Another distinct feature in Jeep designs is the circular headlights. Although over the years Jeep has made attempts to modernize the vehicles look with square headlights (which some say suits the square profile better,) the original Jeeps (and now the latest retro-leaning models) used circular headlights.

As seen in all of the Jeeps featured here, Jeeps are also recognizable for their high seated body and big front exhaust grills.